1% Engineer Show: Engineering Societies- Episode 7

Time for episode seven, Engineering Societies !  Check it out below and check back every Friday for a new episode . Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting information.

Engineering Societies can be a great way to spend extra curricular time in college. Many organization participate in fantastic engineering challenges and events, which further your ability to get involved and gain experience. There are several ways engineering societies can boost your career. One, enhance your resume. Some students never go out for them and this hurts their resume. Do not be these students – get involved!! Two, leadership opportunities. All societies have a hierarchy of leadership roles for some students to be more involved, help plan events, and have a bigger say in steering the society. Landing a role will help you stand out. Three, networking with other professionals. As mentioned previously, societies host events and sometimes industry professionals and members of other universities will be in attendance. This gives you a great opportunity to meet new people, build extra relationships, and increases your chances of future opportunities.

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Tayler Furlow