3 Tips for Finding The Perfect STEM Mentor

We all know when you’re pursuing a career in STEM, it’s beneficial to receive regular guidance and advice from other more experienced members of the STEM community. Spending time and learning from a mentor can be invaluable. They can help you understand your day-to-day responsibilities and the skills you’ll need to cultivate to be successful.

How can you find the perfect mentor that suits your needs? Here are three tips to make your search easier:

1. Join STEM-related clubs or organizations
Your school, work or even online community, will most likely have clubs, organizations or forums you can join that explore STEM topics and careers. For example, The Department of Energy hosts a STEM Mentoring Café where students talk to federal employees about their jobs.  Also, the Society of Women Engineers website has links to mentoring opportunities, scholarships and a job board to support your career growth.

2. Search mentor connection services online
Several organizations will work together with you to find a mentor such as and The Million Women Mentors website is also helpful for women searching for a STEM mentor as well as The Association Of Women In Mathematics mentor network.

3. Search your network
You would be surprised how many family members and friends, who also work in STEM careers, would be open to becoming your mentor. Talk about your desire for a mentor with the people you know and ask if they have anyone who would be open to taking an interest in your career goals and meeting on a regular basis to answer questions about their work experiences and help guide you through your challenges. Having a personal connection can contribute to starting a valuable mentoring relationship.

Explore the resources listed here today then dedicate yourself to finding the ideal mentor who will promote your success and help your career grow.

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