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Episode 10 – A Great Recession Layoff Lead to Leveraging Her Experience in the Launch of an Entrepreneurship Journey in Professional Development (Interview w/ Vivian Blade)

Vivian H. Blade works with ambitious professionals who want to win in their careers and in their everyday work lives. She works with organizations and individuals to Build Leaders and Develop Excellence so that they can achieve their vision of success.  In 2009, Vivian founded Experts in Growth Leadership Consulting, LLC.  She has worked with many global organizations, such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Brown-Forman and GE. Vivian delivers an energetic, power-packed program that empowers and inspires.

Random Fact:

Vivian Blade is a girl scout. She became a member as a young girl and has been a part of the organization for several years. Vivian now serves as chairman of the board of directors for Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana.

The Idea:

As signs of the economic downturn began to reveal themselves, Vivian gave some thought toward starting her own consulting firm should she ever lose her job. When that time actually came it was a sermon she heard preached by Marvin Sapp in Austin, TX that encouraged her to move forward with her idea.

First Steps:

She began to look at what value she could provide business executives based on the skills and assets she possessed as a Six Sigma Blackbelt. She then developed a proposal process that began with meeting with potential clients to understand their needs and challenges relating to professional development. She found that when she clearly understood and articulated there problems she could then provide solutions in a number of ways.

Unique Challenge:

She expresses a challenge to continue developing her business and finding client opportunities. As a “solopreneur” not only does she have the responsibility of doing the work but she also has the responsibility to bring in the wok


  1. Take advantage of all opportunities to develop yourself and gain extra skill sets.

*Book and/or Resource:

  1. “Fuel Forward” (book) by Vivian Blade
  2. Think and Grow Rich” (book) by Napoleon Hill
  3. National Speakers Association” – If you are interested in public speaking opportunities

*Books are Amazon affiliate links.


“Pull your pants up, get that rag off your head, and go to school!” – Her Mother

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Facebook: FuelForward Group

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