Informational Interviews 12 | The 1% Engineer

We are back with episode twelve of the 1% Engineer Show and how to handle informational meetings.  Check it out below and check back on Fridays for new videos. Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting posts!

Informational meetings are another insanely productive tactic for networking as a student, however, these are rarely utilized. Just doing a few will hugely enable you to standout and build relationships with industry professionals that your peers may never have access to! Professor Chris Haroun, award winning professor and TEDx speaker, taught me this approach in his online class. That’s right! I never knew about informational interviews in college but wished I had. He tells his two year MBA students if they have 20 informational meetings over two years, they will certainly have a job before graduation. In case you have never heard of what an informational meeting is, it’s simply a conversation exchange & meet and greet between a prospective employer and prospective employee. They are fielding you as a possible future hire, and you are scoping them as a possible future employer. You have prescreened one another – you fit their general criteria, and they must fit yours. Otherwise, the meeting would never be scheduled. If you can conduct informational interviews, it helps so much later! You get extra practice for real job interviews, and are building relationships with companies that can hire you later. Maintain contact, and once you are actually looking for a position, you can reach out. They already know you and probably like you, and your chances of garnering opportunities from these relationships will be worlds better than cold calling or other poor tactics.

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