Introducing the 1% Engineer Show – Episode 1

Hi STEMedia Community, we have partner with the amazing founder of The 1% Engineer to bring you his video series the 1% Engineer Show! Check it out below and check back on Wednesdays for new videos.

Episode 001 – Introduction. In this episode, we discuss what The 1% Engineer Society is all about, the framework behind the 1% Engineer Show, and the purpose of the community. The society intends to ‘Empower Young Engineers’ by extending learning beyond the classroom. Many engineers excel at math & science, but underperform in the areas needs most for career success. The society provides support to the non-technical aspects of life: leadership, business writing, speaking skills, innovation skills, commercialization of ideas, networking strategies, and more. Young STEM people are often left confused about job interview tactics, what to do for a job fair, how to land internships and research with your university, how to find internships, and more. The 1% Engineer Show includes lessons in these categories.

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Tayler Furlow