Job Fair Tips!!- Episode 10 | The 1% Engineer

We are back with episode ten of the 1% Engineer Show and it is time to learn job fair tips.  Check it out below and check back on Fridays for new videos. Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting posts!

Many people struggle and are very nervous when it comes to networking events like job fairs. Do not fear!! Being nervous is a massive red flag and you only hurt your chances to generate opportunities. Once you reverse engineer what a job fair actually is, the approach is quite simple! A job fair is really just two filters: do you stand out, and can you actually communicate? Prospective employers will receive potentially hundreds of resumes that day, so you need to delineate yourself from other engineers! Also, grades will only get you so far in this world, these future employers really want to know if you will be a good fit for their team. This means first impression, social skills, relationship building, and overall communication is KEY!!! Here’s three tips so you can actually land some interviews after the event, and deploy what was taught in episode 004. One, research the employees from target companies. You can utilize some awesome features on Linkedin (for free) to cross job fair employers with existing employees who graduated from your school. Chances are, some of these people will be running the booth and you will have a MASSIVE advantage if you can name drop or know someone before you even approach to engage!!! Two, research the company and know current & relevant news about them. Study their social media, blog, and website for new projects / awards / accolades and mention these when chatting at the booths. They will be impressed and remember you. Three, dress for success. It’s unbelievable how many young people omit this from their thinking today. Dressing professionally is very important, no matter what. It adds to your professional credibility, your appearance, your confidence, etc.

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Tayler Furlow