Professor Relationships- Episode 6

Time for episode six, Professor Relationships !  Check it out below and check back every Friday for a new episode . Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting information.

University professors are some of the most powerful, influential, and connected individuals you may meet over your entire career. Investing the time and effort to build and maintain a great relationship with them can be hugely advantageous. In this episode, we discuss three ways of doing so. One, be a good lecture student. This goes beyond good homework performance and exam grades. Professors love it when students participate in class, stay after to discuss advanced topics, and visit during office hours before exams and project submissions. Put in the extra mile to stand out. Two, become a TA or a grader. No different than showing initiative in episode 003, students who seek more opportunity and experience will forge better professor relationships. Helping them with their classes will put you ahead of most other students, pad your resume, and put you on a path to success. Three, offer to get involved with a society or organization they are involved with, or are a mentor for. The support and aid will go a long way with them, they will appreciate you, and the relationship will return value for you later.

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