Resume Tips! – Episode 5

Time for episode five, Resume Tips!  Check it out below and check back every Friday for a new episode . Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting information.

Having a great resume is incredibly important in technical fields. This is because the vast majority of technical professionals have terrible resumes, so it’s a great way to stand out if you have better resume content or a superior design. Grades and technical ability only go so far anyway, so a single unique resume could land a job despite your marks / skills being potentially lower than others. The first tactic is to be relevant to the position. The experience that is most applicable should be highlighted and emphasized, and therefore your resume should be specifically catered to the jobs you apply for. Two, quantify your value. Put numbers behind the attributes you are selling for yourself. If you were in a leadership role, how many people did you supervise? If you designed houses, how many were there? Three, have a great design. Spend a little time researching progressive and attractive resume designs, generally in creative fields from people who are better at design than most STEM individuals. Design is everything today, if something doesn’t look good, an employer expects the quality to be poor.

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Tayler Furlow