Social Media Mastery with Angela Pitter of LiveWire Collaborative…

COVER SUBJECT | Episode 18 – Social Media Mastery with LiveWire Collaborative (Angela Pitter Interview)

A technologist at heart, Angela connects people with technology in a humorous and non-intimidating manner. Angela is Founder and CEO of LiveWire Collaborative, a social media consultancy. Their services include Social Media Training for corporations or organizations, one-on-one Executive Coaching, Social Media Analysis, as well as Strategy Development and Implementation for mid-size businesses. Additionally, Angela has trained several hundred professionals on hot topics such as “How to” Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and There’s an App for That!

Prior to LiveWire Collaborative, Angela spent the past 20 years in high-tech and brings extensive experience leading global teams and products to market. Angela has spoken at the Massachusetts Conference for Women and was featured on the TV series, Our World. She holds an M.S. in Administration and B.S. in Computer Engineering.

Random Fact:
Angela readily admits that she is a diehard saver who doesn’t like to spend money. Preserving her cash has served her well in her business however.

The Idea:
While embarking upon a brief foray into politics, Angela exercised heavy use of social media to promote her platform and spread her message. This was an effective strategy that ultimately got her elected as school board chairman. When others noticed her success she began to received opportunities to present workshops on using social media resources for brand building and business. Once she established authority in the space she took on her first paying client and the business grew from there.

Advice(on Social Media and otherwise):

  1. Social Media is all about building your “Know, Like and Trust” funnel.
  2. Be Consistent.
  3. Utilize the 80/20 rule. Share good content 80% of the time and produce your own 20% of the time.
  4. People don’t care about you – they care about solving their problem.
  5. Have a plan to fall back on, stay organize and save money.


  1. BuzzSumo – find the most popular content shared on social media.
  2. – Your guide to the Social Media Jungle
  3. Chamber of Commerce (local)
  4. SCORE (local)

Contact info:
Twitter: @AngelaPitter
LinkedIn: Angela Pitter

“To whom much is given, much is required.” – Luke 12:48

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