The Pizza Equation

Virtually everybody loves pizza, but not everyone knows how to get the best value for their money when ordering one. Fortunately, getting your money’s worth isn’t too difficult since the only secret is to buy the biggest possible pizza you can afford.

Common sense dictates that a 16-inch pizza is twice as big as an 8-inch one. But, as explained by the Pizza Equation video from ASAP Science, this isn’t actually true. If you use the “A= pi r squared” equation, you’ll see that it’s actually four times as big, since a 16-inch pizza has an area of 200 squared inches and an 8-inch pizza only has a 50-square-inch area.

This difference becomes even more pronounced when you factor in the prices of pizza. A recent study from NPR has discovered that you get more pizza per dollar when you buy the largest size; if you purchase a single 20-inch pizzas, for example, you’ll enjoy more pizza and save around $30 than if you buy six 8-inch pizzas.

This video is relevant for everybody; after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy more food while saving some cash? It’s also a great way to show people that Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math (STEM) isn’t always about serious stuff. By using math concepts, you can calculate how to get the biggest bang for your buck and enjoy the most out of your hard-earned money — whether it’s pizza or other things.

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Caila Holley