The STEM that Grows the Leaf

What are our goals as educators? As mentors? As STEM enthusiasts? Are we taking the time to nurture the next generation of STEM as perhaps many of us wish we were nurtured? We know the frustrations of mathematical equations and scientific study, we know the joys of a break through and the achievement of seeing a design become innovation but are we sharing that knowledge?  I often wonder if in striving to reach greater heights in our fields we are not focused enough on those who will be leading the future. This week at STEMedia we  were fortunate enough to receive a submission from a community member that contained an awe-inspiring video, entitled The STEM that Grows the Leaf. In a week where I was questioning the length of our outreach the students at the University of Michigan were doing much more. Check it out below!

Produced by the Communications & Marketing Department at the University of Michigan – College of Engineering in Ann Arbor, MI

The video above details a program that allows High School students and Michigan Engineering students to collaborate during STEM-related workshops.  As you watch  you can almost see the moment where projects and learning becomes goals and career choices. It is in this way that programs like this are a necessity. We need the next generation to know  a career in STEM means possibility and that possibility is available to all who want to it. The students at the University of Michigan have started to “Grow the Leaf”, how will you?

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Tayler Furlow