A Different Way: A Video Response

We have all seen them right? Those University commercials that have rapidly replaced the pamphlets with the carefully crafted images of College Life. The student in the lab working on groundbreaking research helpful mentor close at hand ready to lend support and encouragement. Then as if by magic they suddenly become aware we are watching and turn filled with new ideas and enthusiasm to implore us to join. Let’s be honest it is effective we want to be there creating cancer, developing artificial intelligence or single handily bringing an end to global warming. But what if there was a different more effective way to inspire? Of all the videos we have brought you there is something very unique about this call to action. Check it out below!

Have you ever been in the position to explain the collaborative and encompassing nature of STEM? In the video above they do an amazing service to this idea of the collective process that STEM really is. They ask you to think differently, to not see your area of the spectrum as separate but as a part of something much greater.  In this way not only do they make a compelling case they also succeed in tapping into this basic human need to be a part of something, to work towards something and to better our world. The success of this “ad” is not that it makes you want to attend the program, It’s that inspires you to think differently and want to do MORE!

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Tayler Furlow