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Episode 3 – Michael Garvin (Interview): A Military Veteran and former Science Major Join Forces to start a Sneaker Boutique

Michael Garvin is co-founder of REDtro Habitat, a sneaker restoration and consignment apparel store. The business provides restoration of old or new sneakers, redesigning custom or exclusive sneakers, and consignment apparel. The initial restoring and repairing sneakers to a factory look is the primary focus and the base of their work; however retail is the majority of what is done.  REDtro Habitat is located in the downtown area of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The organization is committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and customer service, while supporting the sneaker community with another location to purchase goods and services. To be successful, they implement and maintain the latest, exclusive trends in sneakers and apparel, while training likeminded employees/team members.

Random Fact:

Michael is a wounded warrior, a war veteran who still currently serves our country in the military.

The Idea:

A conversation sparked after watching a TV commercial which lead to a plan for starting the first local sneaker boutique in Fayetteville, NC. Both founders drew upon the youth experiences and ongoing love for nice shoes as inspiration to offer something that was missing in the existing market.

First Steps:

They wrote out a business plan which got the idea out from inside their heads. They examined the target market, price points, locations, etc… From there they combined funds to establish a starting inventory, secured the necessary permits and launched the business on the designated start date.

Early Challenge:

Reading the motives of others. Determining who, of the individuals came around them, had their best interest in mind versus just wanting to hop on the bandwagon.


  1. It’s OK to hear “No” – You will hear a lot of “No’s” from people at first but keep a clear vision of your goal and keep moving towards it.
  2. Stay earlier and don’t waste any time #TimeisMoney – Make sure every minute you are doing something positive towards your goal
  3. Always Plan and Progress
  4. Don’t Forget about the People who care about you

*Book and/or Resource:

  1. The Art Of War” (book) by Sun Tzu
  2. The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream (Vintage)” (book) by Barak Obama

*Books are Amazon affiliate links.


7 Ps – “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance“ – Military Adage

Contact info:

Facebook: /REDtroHabitatSneakerBoutique

Twitter: RedtroHabitat

*BONUS Video: REDtro Habitat Sneaker Boutique: The Journey Begins

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