A Real STEM Superhero

If you are a comic book nerd, a graphic novel collector or just a lover of the superhero lore you know that right now we are living through a superhero renaissance. What was once a affectionately cheesy type of movie or TV show has now become a powerhouse of a genre. If you happen to be a member of the STEM community as we all are you might have noticed an even more positive trend.  Though firmly rooted in fiction the superheroes of today do use STEM at every given opportunity, everything from SHIELD’s communication technology to Captain America’s actual shield to all the power that Tony Stark possess. They are fruit barred from the work of scientists, engineers and tech “wizards”. By far the most miraculous thing about STEM being so firmly rooted into popular culture is it has real world implications. More people are being inspired by the things they see and by heroes they are want to emulate. When those ambitions connect to cinematic creativity wonderful things can happen.

In the video above Albert Manero, who founded an amazing company that uses 3D printing to help children created a very special project for a little boy. The young superhero buff was presented with an Iron Man style arm by Iron Man himself! It is in moments like this that we see this incredible merger of popular culture and STEM, if we can continue to use that momentum we will have found a new platform to teach, learn and inspire. So for this week STEMedia community go watch a superhero movie, read a comic or binge-watch a whole season of The Flash and Get Inspired!

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Tayler Furlow