STEMedia is a portmanteau of the words STEM Media which describe content that is related to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

About STEMedia®

STEMedia® is a media company that provides creative and inspirational content for the STEM / STEAM Community. We have a passionate audience of over 15,000 students and young professionals, made up of mostly minorities, women and the “artistic-types” in the technical arena.
We enable companies to engage with this strong talent base through sponsored content and live events. We also serve as a creative agency for many businesses and organizations; both in industry and academia. Essentially, we help people to attract, educate and engage others with their STEM-relevant message. We also create and curate a variety of social media and online content which we provide under our brand that focuses on creativity and inspiration
Brainchild of Engineer Nehemiah Mabry

Why We Started

Mabry (@Nee_Engineer) started STEMedia® because he was passionate about sharing a unique perspective of his field of study that was often overlooked. Many persons shy away from careers in STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering- Math) because they are considered dull and boring. Not true! Mabry recognized that persons were unaware and just not knowledgeable enough about the numerous fun and exciting careers that could be found in the amazing field of STEM. As such, STEMedia® was created to showcase how creative and equally prestigious STEM careers are when compared to many of the other careers highly admired by today’s youth.

There is someone out there with a wealth of unrecognized potential, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, that can do something great… if only we could somehow paint this picture using slightly different colors.


What We Do

Not enough young people are being educated or inspired about STEM. There is also a lack of gender and ethnic diversity of students entering STEM educational programs and career fields. We aim to partner with existing STEM-related organizations, programs and individuals to curate and create media and events that are informative and inspirational for college students and educators alike. Our STEMedia® website serves as a reference for anyone who stands to benefit from our collection of creative content and student resources, as well as those looking to partner on future projects.
Located in Raleigh, NC but impacting lives globally. No matter where in the world you are we would love to hear from you. Have a collaboration idea? Send us a message right now.


Our Problem

Higher Education

  • Nearly 40 percent of students who start with a STEM major do not graduate with one. 1
  • In 2009, women (age 25 and older) held only 13 percent of bachelor’s degrees in engineering fields. 2
  • Of the 15 Major categories, Engineering has the highest median earnings, yet less than 20% of students choose a STEM path. 3

Our Solution

Digital & Internet Use

  • American millennials (ages 18-34) spend a more of their time with digital media than with traditional media. 1
  • About 3 out of 4 (77%) young people own a smartphone compared to just 48% of Baby Boomers. 1
  • Diverse content is needed when nearly half are women and 45% of the millennial generation identified as racial or ethnic minorities. 1

International Comparisons

  • 29 nations: The number of industrialized nations whose high school students performed better than U.S. students in math in 2012. 4
  • 22 nations: The number of industrialized nations whose high school students performed better than U.S. students in science in 2012. 5
  • In 2008, 31 percent of U.S. bachelor’s degrees were awarded in science and engineering fields. Compared to 61 percent in Japan and 51 percent in China. 6

Creative & Social Media

  • 74 percent of millennials who own a smartphone use it for social networking for at least weekly. 1
  • Pictures/Images are a popular form of social media with half (53%) of online individuals ages 18-29 using Instagram. And half of all Instagram users (46%) use the site daily. 2
  • Always on: College-aged young adults (18-24) are twice as likely (40%) to use social media while in the bathroom compared to the average (21%). 3

STEM Workforce

  • By 2018, 92 percent of traditional STEM jobs will be for those with at least some postsecondary education and training. 1
  • 23 percent of STEM workers are women, however women make up 48 percent of workers in all occupations. 1
  • In 2009, 12 percent of STEM workers were Black and Hispanic. But such individuals accounted for 25 percent of overall employment. 7

On-Demand Video

  • 96 percent of 13-24 year old consume online video via social media sites on an average of 11 hours per week. 4
  • 6 out of the top 10 influencers for 13-18 year olds are YouTube stars. 4
  • Online video experience a steady viewership increase of 44% in 2014. 5

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