Back to School….

AND JUST LIKE THAT!… it’s time to go back to school already. For those of you who dread it, I understand your pain. For those of you who are thrilled to return, I feel your joy! School is one of those things that can feel like a blessing and a curse sometimes. But it’s a good use of your time if you will it! Now returning to school means syllabi, supplies lists, and general preparation. Everyone wants to start off on the right foot when returning to school. So here are some things that will help you kick this school year off right, even though they may not be mentioned on your supplies list.


From the jump, you should be trying to develop good habits, inside and outside the classroom. On the first day show up early. Have any materials you think you may need for the day. Sit in “the learning T”, the first two or three rows and aisle seats in the classroom. This position makes you more accessible to the instructor visually and physically. You are also more likely to be more attentive in class because of it.

Stay engaged in class by raising your hand if you have a valuable contribution to the discussion or even if a question comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to ask it. You’re there to learn. Plus, asking relevant questions shows you’re paying attention and desire to do well in the course. Before you leave, introduce yourself to the professor. Extend a hand if you can, make eye contact, speak your name with affirmation and smile to portray your excitement about the opportunity to be in the space.

Outside of the classroom, the main thing to be mindful of is your time. Use it wisely. School costs too much for you not to make it priority. Set aside time to study. Set aside time to socialize. Set aside time for rest. Set aside time to prepare for the next day of classes and any upcoming events that require your attention. Actually stick to the schedule you set for yourself. If you do not, have that honesty with yourself and others that allows you to admit you are slacking and need to get back on track. The major key here is discipline.

  • BE FLY

A friend of mine believed and often reminded me that if you look good, you feel good. I’ve come to realize that this is not just correlation, this is partially causational. Almost every time I saw this guy, he was looking fly. Now one’s mood cannot be solely controlled by an outfit, nor should it be totally dependent on it. But I think we can agree that a fresh outfit on the first day of school, enables you to step out of your room with confidence, feeling like you can handle anything that comes your way. And a smile on your face promotes a smile on others!

Also, looking good is great, but you also want to be comfortable. If you cannot maneuver properly in your clothing, your smile will not be as bright, nor your head as high. I suggest you go with a T-Shirt, maybe some STEMedia gear! Click here to see other products we have to offer! Dress this T up with some jewelry and a cute skirt or some fitting jeans and the cleanest pair of kicks and BOOM, you’re ready to trek to class in style!


If the vibes aren’t positive, don’t send them my way. Being able to accept criticism is important, but negativity is a whole nother thing. It is possible to deliver one without the other. What you emit is often what you get in return. Make sure what you put out is positive. Perception is important. How you view your daily tasks, your schoolwork, your attendance in class, affects how you tackle and pursue these things.

Though your teachers may not ask these 3 things from you this school year, do it for yourself. Increase your chances of having a good first day and a great year that follows.

This piece comes to us from one of our talented content contributors, Cynthia Sharpe. Her bio is below and if you would like to work with us you can email us here!

Cynthia M. Sharpe, is a May 2015 graduate of NC State University. Cynthia graduated with a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing and currently aspires to pursue an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. “As I let my own light shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” -Cynthia M. Sharpe, inspired by Marianne Williamson

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