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How Intellifunda created a motivational tutoring app that helps…

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Episode 16 – How Intellifunda created a motivational tutoring app that helps students succeed in Math (w/ Dr. Maria T Earle)

Dr. Maria T. Earle is CEO and Founder of IntelliFunda.  IntelliFunda designs motivational practice tutoring apps.  IntelliFunda’s vision is to become known as a world-class Tech-Ed company offering superb customer-facing products at an affordable price.

Random Fact:

Maria is the proud mother of a set of identical triplet daughters. This is a very rare occurrence, with the odds being 1 in every 200 million births. This served as motivation for one of her early business ventures which was the selling baby products for higher multiples.

The Idea:

As a professional engineer, Maria was always fond of her experiences of teaching piano lessons as a side-hustle in high school. Considering this passion for helping others learn, she decided to go back to school and obtain a doctorate degree in education before entering the academic world. After serving as a professor for a while, she made the leap into entrepreneurship with the idea to develop motivational tutoring apps, such as Mathfunda; a math practice app that helps middle school students with math proficiency. She named her company Intellifunda which combines the idea of intelligence, learning (“funda” means “learn” in Zulu) and FUN!


  1. There are three primary constraints one must consider in business, time, cost and scope; they always seem to resurface.
  2. Pay attention to your younger self, which is the essence of who you really are.


    1. High Tech Start Up” by John L Nesheim

2. “Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything” by Iyanla Vanzant

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