Charles Barkley pledged $1 million dollars to IT startups…

On Thursday night, December 14th, . The only catch is, you have to be a black woman to get in on this assistance.

The announcement was made on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” as the hosts were discussing Democrat Doug Jones’ win in Alabama for Senate against Republican Roy Moore. Proud of how Black women in Alabama showed up and showed out to vote for the new senator, Barkley excitedly stated, “I’m proud of my people in Alabama. They really stood up this week.”

 In a joking tone, but with serious implications, Barkley made it clear that his funding would not be for restaurants or hair salons, but IT startups in particular.

Though Barkley’s comments are not always the most tactful, his donation is hefty and made with good intention. Possibly, his announcement is helping black women to redefine what success can look like, that it doesn’t have to come in the form of businesses associated with food or beauty. Hopefully, it will help some black women in STEM follow their dreams or even inspire a dream in someone.

How this funding will be awarded is to be announced by Barkley later. Watch the clip below:

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