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ELEMENT #4 Creative/ Imagination – [CI]

The ability to transform an object within the bounds of current limitations.

“I can’t figure this out,” I remember saying to myself while trying to design ductwork routing in a school building with limited space. I tried all the conventional ways of routing it but nothing was working for me. I went to the project manager and expressed my frustration. I told him “It’s impossible. I can’t figure this out.” He then said four words that have stuck with me since that day, “There’s always a way,” and with that he took the drawings home that night. When returning the next day he had the plan perfectly laid out. I was in amazement as I couldn’t believe everything fit. I learned a valuable lesson that day – engineering is more than dealing with numbers and materials; it’s also an art.

Inventions are birthed by taking something and transforming it in to something greater. I’ve always been fascinated by the invention of the iPod. During the time of its conception, the mass population was still using CD’s and some upgraded to mp3 players, but when people saw the power of the iPod it changed the whole perspective to music playing platforms. A device that could hold 200 plus songs was such a phenomenon that everyone had to get one. Apple’s creativity changed the music industry forever and from it more innovative technologies where birthed.

Creativity and Imagination are the foundational elements of STEM.

Through STEM, the world sees advancements to health care and prevention, communications, travel, neighborhoods and communities, education, etc.  As a STEM professional, you will take part in shaping and improving the quality of life for your community, world and family.

Everyone has an imagination, but not everyone uses it because of the fear of not being accepted. All of those wild dreams you had as a kid you kind of pushed away because at some point someone told you it was “childish”. If you really think about it, imagination and creativity are at its purest form when a child is playing. Anything that comes to mind they try to act on it, but as they grow older, their influence starts to shape their limitations. So I’ll say to you, be that child again. Imagine and explore the deepest parts of your mind, and let innovation be birthed from you. Awaken that creative genius inside of you, and take part in impacting the world around you and beyond.

This piece comes to us from one of our amazing community members and STEMedia Partners, Ricky Venters. This new series is based from his book Live on E. His bio is below, be sure to check out his awesome website and if you would like to work with us you can email us here!

Ricky Venters is recognized as an Engineer of Impact. Defying the odds,completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has achieved his Professional Engineering License. During his tenure in STEM related fields, Ricky recognized the increasing competitiveness in the industry and sought to become a source of inspiration and mentor to students and young professionals in STEM related fields. Follow him now!

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