Diamonds are Everyone’s Best Friend

Diamonds are not exclusive to Earth, nor are they exclusive to nature. Within the last century, humanity has achieved what alchemists had dreamed of for centuries, the ability to synthesize diamonds. Before this, the only diamonds on Earth formed millions and millions of years ago.

As the Earth was still forming and clearing its orbital path in the solar system, the temperatures combined with the gravitational energy to form rocks and minerals, like diamonds. It’s possible your mom’s wedding ring is a rather young man-made diamond, but your grandmother’s diamond was more likely forged billions of years ago.

Despite forming between 80 and 120 miles below the Earth’s surface, diamonds have risen from the depths of the mantle to a more accessible kimberlite rock nearer to the surface. Diamonds are actually transported by deep volcanic pipes that erupt with diamond infused magma, hardening into the bowl-shaped kimberlite that we mine today.

Diamonds have even been delivered to earth within a meteorite. It’s been hypothesized these diamonds were ejected into space after being separated from their creator, a large planet that may have once existed in our solar system. Some people in the scientific community have proposed the asteroid belt is where this planet was once in orbit around our sun.

Engineers and scientists are finding exciting applications for artificial diamond in electronics, aerospace, telecommunications, and healthcare. As production becomes ubiquitous, it will be up to innovative minds like yours to find new applications. Whether you try to streamline the manufacturing process, utilize diamond in a new technology, or even mine asteroids for diamond, there is no limit to what can be accomplished with education, motivation, and execution.

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