Engineering Sky Villas

If you live in New York City or have visited it lately, you’ve most likely seen 56 Leonard, a luxury residential tower in the Tribeca district. 56 Leonard is kind of hard to miss; aside from its impressive height (which reaches around 250 meters or 821 feet), it also has an interesting architecture that makes it stand out from the other structures in the area.

If you’re wondering how this beautiful building was constructed, you’ll want to watch this video. Basically, 56 Leonard gets its strength from its exterior columns and concrete central core, which are enough to support the building and allows it to have only a few interior columns. This, in turn, means that there are few interior walls that dissect the area, creating a wide, open living space for residents. The building also has numerous cantilevers and overhands that stretch up to 7.6 meters or 25 feet, giving the structure a unique and eye-catching look.

56 Leonard is divided into 145 residences. The last 10 floors of the building contains Sky Villas, which have soaring ceilings that measure 4 meters or 14 feet and give residents uninterrupted views of the New York skyline.

The video might seem to focus only on the beauty of 56 Leonard, but it’s actually a great insight into Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math (STEM). It shows viewers that breathtaking feats can be achieved when architectural and engineering principles are woven together, and it encourages young people to explore the wonders that STEM offers.

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Caila Holley