Find Your Passion! -I Am A Scientist

Find your passion. Those three words seem simple but are they really? Who remembers asking yourself what are you interested in? What are you invested in? What drives you to do and be your best? For some of us these questions are something to battle with instead of answer. Even with knowing your passion lays with STEM the execution can become just as difficult. The wondrous thing about STEM is in its diverse range people are introduced to their passions and the platform to pursue them. But have we been equipped to pursue our passions? For a second imagine a world where you were introduced to this concept of finding your passions in STEM even earlier in life. Imagine equating childhood dreams of becoming a world star chef or a pro skateboarder to their real-life STEM counterparts. With the image of those possibilities dancing in your mind watch the video below!

It is usual as you grow older to “put away childish things” and for many among the dolls and toy cars hidden away in a box in the basement is our dream careers. Astoundingly through programs like the one shown above young people are not being taught to put away their dreams. It’s actually opposite they are being encouraged to transform those dreams into reality through STEM. As I watched the video I could not help but be awed, inspired and excited for the future. So, for today community watch this video and be inspired! Use STEM to pull out some of the “childish things” you’ve put away and rediscover your passion!

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Tayler Furlow