Finding Your Engineering Passion 13 | The 1% Engineer

We are back with episode thirteen of the 1% Engineer Show, finding your Engineering Passion.  Check it out below and check back on Fridays for new videos. Don’t forget to look into The 1% Engineer website for more interesting posts!

Many students ask me which field of engineering they should pursue, which one makes more money, etc? Firstly, throw out money considerations!! You will have a career that spans 40+ years so you must have passion in your work to be fulfilled, to be happy, and to excel, etc. Otherwise, you’ll be bored, hate your job, and most likely hate your life, never make much money, and never change the world. So don’t worry about the money, worry about ensuring you are working in a field you love. How can you do this? Look back on your life, be retrospective. Examine all of the interests you’ve had, the hobbies you’ve pursued, the sports you have played, the movies you’ve loved and the books you have read. What do you like? What makes you tick? What gets you excited? Also, it’s also very important to ensure your career has a technological focus. We live in a world where engineers and STEM professionals can work with crazy cool stuff, and technology moves in an exponential fashion. Robotics, AI, drones, space technologies, biomedical, nanotechnologies – these fields are already yielding incredible results and they will only continue to break through technological walls as time persists. For ideas and inspiration, I encourage my students to look at engineering organizations like the XPrize Foundation and the Visioneers Summit for things to get them excited. Finally, private companies like Google, Amazing, SpaceX, Tesla – these are all changing the world with their innovation and trailblazing efforts. Keep up them for more inspiring thoughts and dreams!

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Tayler Furlow