Get Inspired with Black Girls Code

How do we choose our inspirations? Our dreams? Do our passions choose us? With the emergence of new technologies it is possible to get inspired all over again. Seeing the clip below of the young women involved in Black Girls Code has me once again dreaming about other avenues. The amazing thing about being so involved in STEM as many of us can attest is there is always another area to explore and another subject to learn. It is clips like this one which always serve to remind me not to get too involved with what I know and always seek to follow a new passion.

Technology is remaking not only the way we communicate, learn and grow but is also providing entirely new careers. These young women who are being introduced to a new opportunity are using what they learn in the hopes of better the lives of those around them. Hearing them speak even briefly  about how applications can, will and already do change the world is powerful. Let’s help them by taking a moment to share their story and help ourselves by remembering that is never too late to be inspired!

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Tayler Furlow