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Episode 14 – Helping Girls have a Foundation “INTech” with User-Centered Design Professional, Khalia Braswell

Khalia Braswell has been a User Experience professional for several years creating responsive web user interfaces for enterprise solutions and startups. She applies User Centered Design concepts to technology solutions, which she has learned through experience as a User Experience Engineer at Apple, as well as, in the classroom while obtaining her Masters in Information Technology with a Concentration in Human Computer Interaction at UNC Charlotte. Khalia also founded the INTech Foundation, an organization that targets girls of color ages 10-13 to inform and inspire them to innovation in the technology industry.

Random Fact:

Khalia became a DJ in high school and continued into college at NC State. There she hosted a radio show and went by the name of DJ CEO (Creatively Entertaining Others). She owns a set of turntables and claims she still has spinning skills.

The Idea:

She got interested in coding at a young age and was inspired by the reaction of her mother when she show her her first working program. When she got to college she noticed the drop in the number of women in her classes; particularly women of color. She initially lunched a technology event to get more young girls interested in coding after receiving a grant opportunity and it was a smashing success. Immediately following this, she was overwhelmed with number of request to take her program to other locations. It was from this experience that the decision to form InTech Foundation came about.


  1. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Ghandi
  2. Develop a strategic plan.
  3. Timing is everything. If you have a dream or idea, cultivate and develop it. It may not bloom right away but it will bloom in the end.


  1. “The Power of Broke” by Daymon John
  2. My So-Called Freelance Life” by Michelle Goodman
  3. EntreLeadership” by Dave Ramsey
  4. Year of Yes” by Shonda Rimes

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  2. Mint.com
  3. Hopper app
  4. Google Calendar & Google Drive

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“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his [or her] vision comes from passion, not position.” – John Maxwell

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