Hip Hop Architecture Camp?

The Hip Hop Architecture Camp was created by The Hip Hop Architect and is an initiative of The Urban Arts Collective with the mission to introduce architecture to more diverse communities using  Hip Hop as a connecting point. This idea of using popular culture as a way to connect STEM to community change is one that we should try to incorporate into our own outreach efforts.  If we can connect with communities and younger generations on a platform that they naturally follow it will inspire them to move forward. This initiative allows students and community members to envision their communities and neighborhoods in new more sustainable and relevant ways. The video below is striking, once you start watching you feel their passion and their interest in the project. Check it out for yourself!

“Camp participates write, record and produce a Hip Hop song for “The Hip Hop Architecture Camp Album, Build It Up, Vol 1″, which is based on their evaluation of their immediate environments and the design solutions proposed during the camp.

This is the first music video released from The Hip Hop Architecture Camp. We hope this video inspires you to help us bring a Hip Hop Architecture Camp to your city and most importantly we hope this video gives you a glimpse of the future faces of architects, urban planners and designers.” -Urban Arts Collective

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Tayler Furlow