Inspiring Women & Their Mark on the Tech World

Tech has long been considered a man’s world—and in many ways it still is. But this important segment of the business community continues to expand its reach, which means it continues to make inroads for women. And there are important female pioneers in the tech world that are leading that charge, making sure that young women have mentors and role models to follow.

Take Tracy Young: She took on both the construction industry and the tech world—both long dominated by men—to create PlanGrid with two friends. The software relies on tech tools to make construction planning and design less expensive and quicker, too.

While construction is business segment that’s been around for centuries, tech-related fields such as app development is relatively new—but there are still women who have used this new field to make their mark. Find out who these diverse female ground-breakers are in the graphic below.

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Tayler Furlow