Introducing the brand new launch of Agbara Life!

“I think if I’m able to achieve my goals with what I’m doing, others will start to see that as an opportunity for them to do the same kind of thing.” – Adetayo Adesanya, Founder & CEO, Agbara Life

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of a community, especially a STEM community, is that other community members, innovators and inventors come to us with their ideas, information and game changers then we are privileged to share them with you. It is this ability to share and collaborate that turns individuals into a force. Today we have the opportunity to talk about the Agbara life brand along with the work their doing in fashion, STEM and the social good.  Below you will learn about the company, its founder and their awesome products!

With the cultural effect that STEM has been having as of late we are seeing a change not only in the way we learn, communicate and prosper our perceptions in the professional sphere is changing as well. What would be considered inappropriate then is functional, fashionable and expected now. But how do we bridge the gap in our increasing suits and sneakers culture? Brand’s like Agbara Life are providing a solution.

“Agbara Life, crafts wearable technology products that often reflect the complexities we see in today’s society. As young professionals we’re constantly monitoring our phone battery to make sure we are always connected or at least able to call that Lyft at the end of the night. We expect to be right at the intersection of Fashion, Technology and Social Impact.

We’ve designed every inch of the backpacks to maximize the utility and functionality of the product. The backpacks come with TSA checkpoint friendly laptop sleeve that doesn’t require you to remove it when going through airport security screening. It also comes with RFID blocking protection pockets; multiple internal access points to a battery charger you possess for varying electronics; and best of all, an option to route your charger to the outside world so that you can charge while the device is in your hand.  And although the bags are big enough to carry a small umbrella, and maybe a pair of rainboots; we’ve added a stored rain cover specifically designed to cover your backpack and keep your electronics safe from the elements; one less thing you have to worry about going about your day with tech gear in your possession.”

The functionality of using a backpack instead of a standard briefcase or shoulder bag cannot be overstated. With the addition of more and more devices and new waves of entrepreneurs we are now doing business everywhere we go. We are in need of a practical solutions! But how did the idea to marry technology and fashion come to be? What are the added benefits to this design? Below is an excerpt from an interview with the founder of Agbara taken from CES “Faces of Innovation” column in CTA’s i3 Magazine.

Q: What inspired you to create wearable tech fashion?

A: Honestly, the inspiration comes from family. I’m a son of two Nigerian immigrants who came here when they were very young. I grew up around a really large, extended family who cared about fashion and expressing ourselves. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, to create something I would want to wear that’s affordable and I could be proud of.

My vision for Agbara Life is to marry the things I’m most passionate about: fashion, technology and social good. We are a wearable tech company built around a benefits corporation. This all stemmed from the community service work I’ve been doing focusing on the underprivileged, underrepresented, urban communities I identify with. I want to operate a business while giving back to my community and the benefits corporation allows me to do that.

Q: Could you tell me more about your products?

A: The idea behind Agbara Life is to use technology to enhance the lifestyle, not to be the focal point and the gimmick. Our products are tailored for a group of people always on the move, in and out of meetings – parents included. We’re starting with two backpacks made from a durable polyurethane leather. Users on the go can carry all their electronics in a luxe matte black bag. We’re also working on Backpacks with charging capability built in between the pockets, so you can charge from one compartment to the other. There’s a raincoat built into the backpack – you unzip the secret compartment in the base to foldout the elastic cover which protects everything from rain. Radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking pockets are hidden within. Each engineering function has a purpose that’s specific to our user.

Q: What’s next for Agbara Life?

A: This is only the first iteration. Agbara Life just started. Right now we’re still in growth mode, looking for solutions to a problem we’ve been seeing for a long time. We’d like to provide scholarships for young adults to come with us and experience the journey. We’re a startup, so right now we’re all over the place. But Agbara Life is still growing and I have so much more to do and create.

Within this interview Adetayo touches on one of the most  important objectives for STEM communities and entrepreneurs. We have touched on it here at STEMedia before. The only way we will keep this momentum towards STEM and STEAM going is to help those around us. It is our duty to pour as much energy into outreach as we do into our breakthroughs. You may be thinking how can we give back? How can we use our ambition and success to give a chance those who need it? We all have the ability to help and effect change, in this instance Agbara Life has made benefiting the social good a part of the brand. To that end every backpack purchased will help to give an opportunity.

“Each bag will support STEM programs for the underrepresented and underprivileged youth.


We want our customers to be able to shop for quality product that meets their desires in aesthetic appeal, functionality and also actively provides a positive social impact.”

This has just a brief highlight of this amazing product and company, please click here to find out more. Don’t forget to share this post and let’s all grow together!

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