Job Interview Tips- Episode 4 The 1% Engineer Show

Episode 004 – Job Interview Tips. In this episode, we reverse engineer what a job interview really is, and provide tips to excel in your next interview. Job interviews are a source of anxiety for many people, especially engineers, as they commonly struggle with communication. However, once you fully understand the goals an employer has during an interview, your tasks are much simpler. A job interview is mostly a conversation to evaluate your ability to communicate, to gauge your confidence, and evaluate you as a person. You no longer need to sell yourself and converse about grades or technical skills – you have met the criteria for the job so generally their thinking is more high level at this point. Although, preparation for worst case scenario questions is a must, like challenging interview questions. In future episodes, we will discuss these, such as “What are your biggest weaknesses?”. That’s one of the trickiest questions to answer. Tip: reply with something you may be somewhat weak on, like technical writing or organization, yet you are actively studying and strengthening this attribute. You have then turned a weakness into a highlight of ambition and self improvement for yourself!

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Tayler Furlow