Keep Moving Forward?

When’s the last time you watched a Disney movie? Be it the timelessness of Cinderella or the colorful exciting adventures of Moana? Hasn’t been very long, right? Did nostalgia strike you causing you to want to once again Hakuna Matata with Timon and Pumbaa or feel the weightless excitement of flying with Wendy? What draws us back to these movies? I would argue and have with anyone who will listen that Disney and its counterparts are crafting or in most cases recrafting the fables of our time. We are the generations effected by the lessons and essentially the morality taught to us through these epic journeys. Like stories once passed down from campfires and through family these movies will show our views on what makes a hero, a villain, on how we dealt loss and mistakes and what we choose to teach our children. This is only strengthened through our technological advancements making the characters more real and their tales more poignant. I began to view what some would call “kids movies” in this changing light seeing clearly in them the reasoning of my peers woven together with life experience and parental guidance. If there is one instance I can point to, one movie I can use for evidence it is Meet The Robinsons. While not as well known and not classic Disney this picture demonstrates the lastly effect our “fables” have had and should have on us all, check out this clip below:

Keep Moving Forward. Simple words for a gigantic effort. It almost seems to be a lie carved out of convenience where the failures we endure are not something to mourn but victories to be celebrated, where a mistake is more valuable than a win. It feels counterintuitive, but is it? We as people but especially in STEM are made successes through our failure. Constant changing, adjusting and reformatting are the reasons for progress. Keep Moving Forward. Could there be a more worthy lessons than this? So much of life is trial and error to teach that those errors are successes is arguably the most needed wisdom. How different could our lives be if we developed the ability to delight in our failings and not succumb to insecurity? With just a bit of self-reflection I can see countless instances where failure became disaster and disaster a missed opportunity. I would be bet we all can. So starting today, it is time learn a life lesson from a worthy fable and Keep Moving Forward! I will leave with this quote, one that has been quietly inspiring me for some time “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” Walt Disney. (Don’t Forget to watch the movie)

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Tayler Furlow