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CaTameron Bobino, an Oakland, CA native, has always had a love for science and animals.  During her senior year in High School, she took a Marine Biology class that changed her life and her view of marine life.  She experienced going out into the bay in waders and taking samples which were activities that further revealed an enjoyment in conducting field work. In high school, CaTameron also became involved in the about National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLT), an organization dedicated to providing young students with real-world medical career experience, that allowed her to travel to China and Australia to learn more about how medicine is performed there in comparison to Western medicine.  After high school, CaTameron was offered a full academic scholarship to Stillman College where she graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Biology.  Later, she returned home to California and pursued a Master’s degree in Conservation Ecology.

As a grad student, she went on to partner with the university’s communications department to start developing a science show.  This is where “In The Know” was born! CaT Bobino is a bonafide Science Ambassador who introduces audiences to science that they can do at home and takes them on field trips to zoos, museums and more. She enjoys talking to students and adults about the importance of STEM and how it is utilized in our everyday lives. She has personally encounter the lack of diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers through her peers and her own experience. “Because of this lack, [it is my] mission to help encourage all students to consider STEM careers and to bring that idea to the forefront of parents’ minds.” she says.

This mission has led her to write and recently publish her very first book!

In The Know: Setting up your child for the STEM world

In The Know is a guidance book for any adult who seeks help encourage the children in their lives consider STEM careers. STEM professionals are always going to be in high demand because

 our society depends on them. Everyone needs a doctor, someone to repair their technology, sturdy buildings to live in, and people who understand finances. All of these careers start with STEM, and this book is full of useful information and tips on how to successfully raise a child to go into one of these fields.   In The Know offers worksheets for the reader to fill out that coincide with helpful tips. For example: One chapter talks about networking. It is important for every child/student to learn how to talk to adults, how to shake hands, and how to express their goals. This can easily be done at your job or at your school. Teaching a child, the importance of networking will aid them in the future when they are going after their dreams. Another chapter in the book discusses the importance of reading to a young child and encouraging them to become avid readers as they grow up.

Click through our Amazon affiliate link to get your hands on a copy of CaT’s work. You won’t regret the decision to keep you and your child “In The Know” with CaT Bobino!

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