STEAM+ Arts Integration Conference

Former public school Science schoolteacher and founder of J Rêve International LLC, Jacqueline Cofield is a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary cultural creative, educator, and yogini. Cofield has traveled to nearly 60 countries, resided in eight, and is trilingual. She earned Masters degrees from both the University of Southern California, and The City College of New York (CCNY), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Her global work includes programs with MAPP International Productions, Paramount International TV, Columbia Pictures, The Sundance Film Festival – New Frontier, Disney Corporation, Sony Music, The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, UNESCO, Give1Project, The Chicago Sinfonietta, G.R. N’Namdi Gallery, The University of Southern California, Ithaca College Los Angeles, University of Rochester, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and The New York City Department of Education.

As a graduate student at CCNY’s’s Graduate School School of Education, Cofield completed her M.S. thesis research on ‘The Impact of Arts Related Activities on Science Concept Comprehension,’ a qualitative and quantitative study. A former physical science middle-school educator for the New York City Department of Education, she is a global advocate for STEAM Education, Multiple Intelligences, and Arts Integration.

STEAM education is an interdisciplinary approach to pedagogy that promotes collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. STEAM education supports the development of skills between business and education. Students become engaged when they see the relevance of what they are studying and how it can support their current range of studies, and future aspirations.

J Reve International has partnered with Community MicroEnterprise Center, as the Fiscal Agent for the role of Program Manager for the STEAM+ Arts Integration conference. The project builds on our existing work, seeking to increase our engagement and support to build local and global social capital through educational K-12 programming. Specifically, this project is a professional development program designed across disciplines and levels to engage educators, administrators, artists, cultural programmers, and policy makers, while investigating practical applications for arts integration.  The initial program will take place in Washington DC July 28-30th, in collaboration with the Pepco Edison Place Gallery and the Paul S. Devroaux Memorial Lecture.

We are educators, artists, scientists, programmers and creatives who believe in the power of the arts to engage and enlighten.

What is STEAM+? We’ve added the + symbol to recognize and include non-STEM subjects. Learning and teaching can be interdisciplinary.  We recognize that inclusive approaches include a range of subjects, such as ESOL, physical education, language, global studies, and history, for example, all relate to STEM subjects and can enhance learning.

Our STEAM+ program is proud to take the focus of education beyond just Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We encourage a holistic approach to education, exploring the many ways that art can be used to teach, empower, and engage students in any discipline. We have already reached over 40,000 people globally and our mission doesn’t stop there. It is our pleasure to continue to encourage arts education advocacy for multi-subject educators all around the globe.

Furthermore, we have reached eight different countries, five continents and are involved with 50 community partners and schools.  Our inclination for launching STEAM+ is backed by the proven impact art education has on our society. Two important points have emerged from studies regarding neuroeducation and the importance of art incorporation into education: it is vital to students’ success that educators and researchers communicate and collaborate; arts learning must be better understood before successful integration of the arts across the curriculum can occur.

We are overjoyed by the launching of our new program, STEAM+, and the impact it will have on global educators and their classrooms. Our Professional Development Program will feature presentations, panels, roundtables and more.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey to help encourage students to stay in school and succeed in school, work and life.  And we hope you will join us for an incredible experience that will continue revolutionizing the education of our future generations, for years to come.

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