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If  we here at STEMedia could quantify the impact of our growing community, it would be in the number of amazing stories we are privileged to share, the number of connections made and the number of times we are humbled by the differences being made through STEM.   This documentary entitled Gear Girls  is one such project and we are pleased to be able to share it with you. One of our community member reached out to us with this film that is being produced by M.I.S.T and featured on a platform called Indiegogo where you can donate to the film and even get some exclusive content. We discuss hidden figures here and in media quite a bit lately due to the recent film. How do these stories become hidden and more importantly how do we prevent the same thing from reoccurring? We celebrate, recognize, and support our STEM trail blazers. Please check out the trailer below and support these up and coming STEM figures!

Gear Girls Documentary Synopsis. We are following an all minority girls robotics team throughout the school year from George Carver High School in Philadelphia. Last year they placed 2nd in regionals (FIRST Robotics), and went to the nationals finals in the Sea Perch (underwater robotics) competition. We are also speaking to established women in STEM (listed below) about their experiences and struggles. Some of them were even able to come and speak to the Gear Girls.”Gear Girls” will showcase the empowering stories of women and minorities in STEM and the trailblazers whose ambition and dedication drive them. We will examine their journey, their struggles, and discover what makes them successful. We will also learn why there has never been a more exciting and promising time for being a minority in STEM.

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