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The Pursuit of Inspiration

How do you find inspiration? How do you get or feel inspired? But a bigger question would be how do you find inspiration when your work is technical and research intensive? When all you see are 1s and 0s, formulas, equations, circles, lines, and angles, you could end up having tunnel vision. And unless you see beyond or outside the tunnel, you would be stuck all day with no progress. Not necessarily true. As INSPIRATION illustrates, the pursuit of inspiration doesn’t have to be a long and painful process. Inspiration is practically all around us. It’s just a matter of identifying what can inspire you.

As you can see, anything that appeals to the senses can be inspirational. A touch can invoke feelings of joy that would make you want to sing or write a book. Listening to music can spark ideas. Depending on the tune or the beat, your progress can be slow or fast, or the words you write can be happy or nostalgic. The images you see online or from other print materials can also spur you to the right direction. Some of the greatest artists and minds are inspired and influenced by something or someone. It’s not exactly copying if it’s similar by less than 10% based on some rules of Intellectual Property.

Walking away from your workstation and into a different environment may also yield inspiration. The outdoors happen to be a reliable source of inspiration, especially for painters and artists. The green foliage also helps soothe the eyes and mind. Step into a crowded place and watch what people are doing. Listen in on their conversation and you’re likely to get an idea for your next invention. A machine to solve kitchen problems, perhaps. Who knows? Can the same set of perception appeal to students and professionals in technical fields? Of course. As shown in the video content, music inspired what appears to be a graphic artist, CAD operator or even an architect. Regardless of how technical a job is, an input from a source completely different from what you are working on can spark an idea or fuel your imagination. Even surgeons listen to music while a procedure is underway. The same thing is true with some engineers. Of course, inspiration doesn’t dictate how soon you can complete a task, but it can make a difference. In some cases, you can’t rely on the same inspiration twice, as it might have lost its appeal. This is why you may drink several cups of coffee and take several smoke breaks before you will get things done, or until a deadline forces you to sit down and persist.

One thing is certain, inspiration isn’t hard to find. You’ll find it even when you’re surrounded with metal parts of a robot and the walls around you are covered with mathematical equations and theories.Don’t look too hard and too far. Heck, inspiration might even be staring at you in the face.

Written by Bryice (Guest Contributor)

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