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This Professor Produced a High Quality Music Video on…

Cover Subject | PartyProfs – The Circuit Song | TU Dresden

Okay… so we’ve all seen the occasional YouTube video produced by a creative school teacher in efforts to make a STEM topic “Cool”. Well, these folks at Dresden University of Technology in Germany, took things to a whole new level! Dubbed the “PartyProfs”, these musically-inclined engineers have put together something that looks like it should probably be featured on Vevo or something.

“If you put the gate on the ground, a common gate circuit is found.”

OK,now let’s not get too ahead of ourselves… The rhymes are aren’t necessarily something Kendrick Lamar would pen. But visually? Whoa… it kinda makes me wonder what kind of grant budget this project was shot on? And if it was all done out-of-pocket by the professor, then I might need to look into whether or not that school has any openings in their Civil Engineering department 😉 #SalaryCapSpace

Voltage Gain…Capacitor…Input-Output…Bandwidth…. All of your favorite ECE terms get a mention in this academic vibe. Apparently the amperage (i.e. bar) has been raised on the next generation of educational videos.

Time to pump up the Gain (i.e. Volume ;)!!!


Written By: Nehemiah J. Mabry, Ph.D., Founder and President of STEMedia who wholeheartedly believes “there is something inspiring about inspiring.”

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