Who Has Your Vote This STEM-lection?

So you’re going to vote in the upcoming election, GREAT! Who will you be voting for? Why are you voting for that person? It is fantastic to be a voter, but it is even better to be an educated voter. It is easy to say that you’re voting for Hillary Clinton because her pants-suits rock, or that you’re voting for Donald Trump because his hair is out-of-sight, but there are greater things at stake than outfits and hairdos. If you are employed in the STEM field or have an interest in it, that may be a subject about which you would like to know a candidate’s stance. It just so happens that Clinton and Trump answered a few STEM-related questions for “we the people” and the responses to those questions may be found at

Just go to the site, and you can find the candidates’ answers to 20 of America’s top science, engineering, technology, health, and environmental issues in 2016. There, they address topics of innovation, climate change, water, space, food, and many more topics. Three of the topics that may interest you most if you are currently in a STEM major, are education, internet, and immigration. These three topics are things some people would not have thought to connect to STEM and the candidates, but they are definitely things to look into because it could apply to you or your friends specifically.

While Trump does not have an outright agenda for STEM, Clinton does. Clinton recently revealed her “Tech Agenda” involving 5 key points to making America a leader on a global level. The agenda includes creating good-paying technology-related jobs, making high-speed broadband available all over America in public places and three more goals supporting efficiency, profit and new technologies. To read-up on more facts about Clinton’s agenda, check out or head to The Briefing. If you would like to learn more about Trump’s positions, you can find them at under the “Positions” tab. There, you can read about his stance on the economy, education, energy and more.

This article only focuses on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but there are two other candidates running for president as well; Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein for the Green Party. See their responses to STEM issues at ScienceDebate also.

Don’t know where to vote or what to bring when you do? Check the site Every vote counts!

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