Why Elsa would make an Awesome Architectural Engineer

Disney’s Frozen was a smashing success, which introduced Elsa, a new royal role model who learns to embrace her inner power. Initially, Elsa’ parents keeps her in a controlled environment during her childhood, but through an unexpected burst of passion, Elsa reveals her powers to her whole kingdom. As the movie progresses, it becomes more evident that Elsa would make the perfect architectural engineer.

Architectural Engineer (with a Specialization in Castles)

  • Regards efficiency as paramount
  • Seamlessly incorporates beauty into every aspect of the final project.
  • Provide everything required for building the perfect castle: plumbing, air-conditioning, heating; design, budget, and customer preferences; building materials, terrain, and climate.
  • Delicately balances each component while maintaining the vision of the final project.

The movie Frozen only shows one side of Elsa—the isolated, repressed teenager who discovers her powers are her strength. However, since she built a multistory ice castle by the time she finishes her song, the movie should have been about her engineering genius. How many castles have been completed in under five minutes?

Have you seen that dress? Have you seen that chandelier? I mean, come on….

Services of Elsa’s Firm

  • Air-conditioning included*
  • Design from a tortured artist
  • Cost is subsidized by the starving tax payers of Arendelle**
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed***
  • Free building materials

Specialist in arctic climate construction near cliffs

*Plumbing and heating not included.
**Feudalism was a dark time in the world’s history
***Scarred from growing up in isolation, the owner of Snow Industries is still learning social formalities, and is perhaps too eager to please her customers.


  • Problem: Anna illogically “falls in love” with a man she’s only met once
  • Mistake 1: Elsa forbids Anna from marrying the prince without an explanation
  • Mistake 2: Elsa shoots Anna in the heart with ice
  • Resolution: The prince reveals he doesn’t love her, and Anna realizes she loves a husky woodsman who eventually helps save her life.

Like many engineering students, Elsa gets the right answer by making two mistakes that eventually cancel out.

Engineers must envision a grand venture and passionately drive it towards completion. Elsa comes up with the unique idea of using her powers to build a castle. Her only competition would be the Minnesotan engineer who 3-D printed a concrete castle in his backyard. Unfortunately for him, the snow monster kept melting before it was done printing.

Engineering is Better than Love
Comparing the socially awkward, depressed sister to an engineer is perhaps too stereotypical. However, in The Snow Queen, the book on which Frozen was based, Hans Christian Anderson portrays the snow queen (Elsa) as a powerful matriarch with a flock of magic snow bees that guard her ice castle. Gerda (Anna) is a pathetic peasant who risks her life to change her scathing boyfriend by removing the magic ice from his eyes. Who wouldn’t take the nanobot-snow-bees and become the engineer that her mother always wanted her to marry?

Like all math and science nerds going through puberty, Elsa also had to work through issues with her parents, emotions, and special abilities. Moreover, like all engineers in adulthood, Elsa is able to forge awe-inspiring structures, soar to the top of management, and domineer all the social science majors…Oh, I mean, subjects of her kingdom.

Written by: Sarah K. R. Long >> “After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at NC State University, I adventured to Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel for a medical doctorate. My compliant southern demeanor was squeezed in the aggressive, blunt culture of Israel and the weighty expectations of my teachers. I exploded into words.”


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