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Georgia teen defying the odds as future STEM professional
COVER SUBJECT | TGeorgia teen defying the odds as future STEM professional STEM, or STEAM, education is an important part of the learning experience for students of all ages. As it continues to gain momentum in schools across the U.S., students are exposed to science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a way that inspires<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/georgia-teen-defying-the-odds-as-future-stem-professional" title="Georgia teen defying the odds as future STEM professional">Read More</a></div>
This Educator Left Her Corporate America Job to Write Children’s Books and Give Back to her Community
COVER SUBJECT | This Educator Left Her Corporate America Job to Write Children’s Books and Give Back to her Community In her early 20s, Ashlee Chesny was working in what many people would consider a dream job at Kraft Foods in the distribution department. Yet, something was missing. “I thought it was the coolest thing<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/this-educator-left-her-corporate-america-job-to-write-childrens-books-and-give-back-to-her-community" title="This Educator Left Her Corporate America Job to Write Children’s Books and Give Back to her Community">Read More</a></div>
65 STEM Scholarships for 2018
Hi Stemedia team, I noticed you have a lot of helpful information for STEM students on your Resources page, so I wanted to introduce you to a new interactive tool I helped create for the 2018-2019 academic year, which allows students to sort through over 65 scholarships available to individuals pursuing degrees in STEM. You can<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/65-stem-scholarships-for-2018" title="65 STEM Scholarships for 2018">Read More</a></div>
STEMedia partners in “Making Math Meaningful!”
COVER SUBJECT | #MathPaths is “Making Math Meaningful!” STEMedia is excited to partner with the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin to bring you #MathPathways. The first video in this series features Dr. Nehemiah Mabry, founder of STEMedia and Bridge Design Engineer at Simpson Engineers & Associates in Cary, North<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/stemedia-partners-in-making-math-meaningful" title="STEMedia partners in “Making Math Meaningful!”">Read More</a></div>
Why We Love SHURI: Young, Black & Super
SPOILER ALERT! I feel as though this is the perfect time to bring something to the light. March is Women’s History Month and we just slid out of Black History Month… Did anyone else watch Black Panther and by the end think there was definitely more than one hero in the film? Every character had<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/why-we-love-shuri-young-black-super" title="Why We Love SHURI: Young, Black & Super">Read More</a></div>
Is Elon Musk Trying To Colonize The Wrong Planet?
Besides increasing the total number of  electric sports cars in outer space from 0 to 1, the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is also stimulating serious dialogue about inter -planetary travel.  At the center of those conversations is Mars and the idea of one day establishing a human colony on the red planet. Musk, who<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/is-elon-musk-trying-to-colonize-the-wrong-planet" title="Is Elon Musk Trying To Colonize The Wrong Planet?">Read More</a></div>
Meet Katherine – the Musical Engineer
Instagram has no shortage of individuals in the STEM fields who embrace a passion for creative expression. One of our favorites is Katherine (@naturallyshe) whose page is filled with awesome, 60 seconds or less, piano covers of anyone from Adele to Stevie Wonder to even Ludwig van Beethoven! Katherine is an engineer, musician, and teacher in the Washington,<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/meet-katherine-the-musical-engineer" title="Meet Katherine – the Musical Engineer">Read More</a></div>
Sometimes, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. With so many things on our plate and so much that seems to stand in our way, it is easy to lose faith, to stop believing and end up off our intended path. You may even lose sight of the end-goal. Here is what you need to know before<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/believing-is-achieving" title="BELIEVING IS ACHIEVING">Read More</a></div>
STEM Careers: The Solution for 3 Prevalent Societal Issues
Research and development provide solutions for many societal issues. Unemployment, global warming, and poverty will soon become things of the past due to the growth of STEM. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that 6.2 percent of US jobs in 2015 were STEM related. Computer Science topped the list, followed closely by engineering.<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/stem-careers-the-solution-for-3-prevalent-societal-issues" title="STEM Careers: The Solution for 3 Prevalent Societal Issues">Read More</a></div>
#EngineeringGreatness – A must read!
One very basic definition of an engineer is simply one who is a “problem solver”. In the profession, this typically involves using the principles of math and physics to derive a desired solution. However, in a general sense, engineering is also something that happens in our everyday life, whenever we use available resources to find<div><a class="btn-filled btn" href="http://www.stemedia.org/engineeringgreatness-a-must-read" title="#EngineeringGreatness – A must read!">Read More</a></div>

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